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 The Depths of the Mind

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The Depths of the Mind Empty
PostSubject: The Depths of the Mind   The Depths of the Mind Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 11:52 am

ooc:this is open to any. this place is infinent, so you can be far away from one another or very close
bic:"Where am I?" Varod said aloud. He was in a large, cavernous room with tunnels spreading off. He had been sitting in one of his tree platforms when he had been transported here. He walked forward and his forest came up in front of him! But something was wrong. Varod couldnt quite place what it was untilhe looked up. And he saw the cave ceiling. He wasnt in his forest at all! Then a voice erupted out of nowhere."Hello young Varod! I bet your starting to figure it out! This is every mind in the world meshed together into one cave! I guess you could call it the Dream Cave! Or the Nightmare Cave!"
"What do you mean?! Who are you?!" Varod shouted."What good does the cow to know the name of the butcher! But I will humor you:I am Dorav. In other words, I am your dark side! But as for your other question, well, you'll see."Then all was silent. Varod walked forward and he saw something large flash past!It had 2 lights like eyes and a large compartment in the back!
ooc:its a truck
bic:Varod was wary now. He had to find Dorav and put an end to this madness.
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The Depths of the Mind
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