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 Mixed Emotions for Spirit Tracks.

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King Sparty
King Sparty

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Mixed Emotions for Spirit Tracks. Empty
PostSubject: Mixed Emotions for Spirit Tracks.   Mixed Emotions for Spirit Tracks. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 8:40 pm

As Link763 stated, Nintendo is releasing a new Handheld Zelda Game for the Nintendo DS, even though most wanted a Wii game.
There are mixed opinions on this daring concept for a game, as it involves the main Zelda protagonist, Link, on a train.
Some are saying trains are too "modern" for Zelda, others claim it "Copies" Phantom Hourglass, though most are saying thst you will need to play it to find out.
As a dedicated Zelda fan, I am certainly excited, though, I am too dissapointed at the the lack of mention for Zelda Wii.
Although it is not on the Wii, this game will certainly be entertaining, and I, like most other big Zelda fans, will probably get this game, the series has yet to majorly dissapoint. Spirit Tracks will certainly dive into a new pool for the Zelda Series, but, as with video games and most everything else, it's good to try new concepts.
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Mixed Emotions for Spirit Tracks.
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