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 Rioka the Ninja

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PostSubject: Rioka the Ninja   Rioka the Ninja Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 10:46 am

Copy and pasted from the Graveyard. He is already approved, so this is just for info on my character.

Name: Rioka
Height: 6 ft.
Gender: Male
Weight: 150 pounds
Age: 20
Eye Color: Green

Equipment: Throwing Knives (kunai), 2 Small daggers, nun-chucks (2), scrolls of the ancient arts, shuriken, paper bombs, and his favorite book XD.

Appearance: Spikey blond hair, green eyes, wearing a grey vest with black sleeves and legs, sandals, gloves, wearing a head-band with the Triforce symbol on its silver surface.

Abilities: Very intelligent, very stealthy and quick, can study situations easily, has a inner form of energy that can be accessed to use as powers, is a excellent hand to hand combat fighter, can use weapons really well.

Powers: He is able to mess with people's minds (such as a jedi mind trick). He can teleport within a 25 ft. radius, but only if he has enough energy. He can learn/know several tricks that he can use with his powers called jutsus, which enable him to slightly alter space and time with illusions and strengths. Even though he has an inner power, it can be used up, and he must rest until he gains all of his powers again.

Here are some jutsus that Rioka can do. Take note that he can learn jutsus along the RPG on his own: (along with being able to copy any technique at all)

Lightning Palm: Rioka summons lightning from his hand, and he strikes his opponent in the chest. This is his most powerful attack.

Illusion: Rioka stares into the eyes of his opponent, which then causes them to see things that aren't in reality. This causes them to lose control, and potentially hurt him or herself.

Teleportation: See above.

360 Degree Vision: Rioka can see around him in 360 degrees at every second, which helps him with his stealth abilities.

Also, Rioka has the ability to copy anyone's techniques by using his skills of study, but the quality of the technique is not as good as the original.

Weaknesses: When Rioka uses up his inner powers, he is very weak, but still able to fight. He usually is not able to deal with most magical spells well, although he can counter them sometimes with his powers. His main weakness is when someone uses poison, and rocks against him.

Personality: Very calm, is a ninja, loves reading books, is often quiet, studies situations often, can be both a friend and an enemy, can be both happy and angry.

As a note, Rioka is very similar to the personality and appearance of Kakashi from Naruto, but different enough so that it's not exactly copying him .

Story: After being trained at his ninja hometown, he decided to leave it in search for
his true father, who had disappeared shortly after he was born. He seeks vengeance for the person who had caused the disappearance, or possible death, of his father.
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PostSubject: Re: Rioka the Ninja   Rioka the Ninja Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 8:19 am

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Rioka the Ninja
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